Sinclair Breeding Program

Breeding Program

Our objective here at Sinclair Cattle Company is to create predictability and stay-ability in our cattle through line breeding to ensure long-lasting genetic value and profitability for our customers. Line breeding - and the subsequent selection of individual animals that exhibit the traits you are targeting - is the only process that sets genes. Individuals produced through line breeding, after sorting away the undesirables, create a greater percentage of predictability displayed in their progeny and offer increased heterosis for the industry. This leads to genetic advances and profits. Line breeding is not an approach for the faint of heart. We must ensure that the cattle selected through the process possess the valued traits to ensure success for our customers. Amassing higher degrees of consistency for a particular genetic characteristic is the purpose of line breeding over generations.

Uniformity and efficiency are areas in which we make decisions with especially great resolve. Reproduction is the essence of animal production. Thus, reproductive efficiency will always stay at the forefront as we continue to evaluate and improve beef genetics. Soundness has a direct correlation to reproduction. The ability of cattle to anatomically move freely in their environment is conducive to achieving higher pregnancy rates, thus leading to greater reproductive efficiency and longevity. Longevity allows us to extend our investment cost over a longer period of time, giving us greater flexibility in managing and marketing our cattle.

We have always searched out cattle to fit this philosophy. Thirty years’ worth of the relentless efforts of Tom Elliott have left us with a gene pool of immense economic importance. Combined with the efforts of Dale Davis and our select Jorgensen-bred cattle, our linebred base allows us tremendous flexibility within our herd. Sinclair’s N-Bar Legacy bulls, from Tom Elliott’s genetic base, insure fertility, calving ease, carcass quality, survivability, brilliant udder structure, and unprecedented longevity. Muscle and explosive growth, as well as fertility, carcass quality, and time-tested do-ability are included in our Dale Davis lines. The Jorgensen genetics add appetite, gain-ability and efficiency to this linebred base. All of these attributes help insure economic success.

Our obligation as a seedstock producer is to keep the commercial cattle producer’s needs in mind and fulfill them. That’s our goal here at Sinclair. We do what we do to ensure predictability in your offspring - and to raise those time-tested cattle that will help us all survive the hardest of times.