Company Information

Sinclair Cattle Company was established as a joint enterprise of Duncan Smith and Jeffery Ward in 1996, but its roots trace back more than a half century to the mid-40’s when Jack Milburn began the process of stocking the famous N Bar Ranch with registered Angus cattle.Company Information After serving for several years as the manager of Prime Genetics Research, a Japanese-owned beef genetics company, and working closely with the foundation cattle in that program that were related to Rito Excel 809, Jeff Ward returned to his family roots nestled in the mountains near Buck Valley, Pennsylvania, in 1994. The first registered females he acquired for his new Angus breeding venture were daughters of and sisters to Rito Excel 809. As a student of pedigree and performance, Jeff Ward worked closely with the Jorgensen family in 1994, and again in 1996, Jeff chose foundation females for what became Sinclair Cattle Company from the Jorgensen program. Among those cows were the dams of Ideal 1418, Ideal 7451, Ideal 5439 and Ideal 692. As Jeff came to know and appreciate the strengths of the cattle produced by the master breeder Martin Jorgensen, he found the Jorgensen foundation herd sire RR Rito 707 as a common ancestor who contributed great to the goodness of the cattle. A desire to trace to the roots of that sire line further took Jeff to the breeder of R R Rito 707, the master breeder, Dale Davis.

As the contending bidder on the eventual Pathfinder sire, DHD Traveler 6807, Jeff was well acquainted with the Davis family and their cattle and in 1998 and 1999 he added several females produced by Dale Davis to the Sinclair program including the dams of PAPA Forte, PAPA Universe, and PAPA Razzi. His ongoing comprehensive study of the success of Dale Davis and his cattle took Jeff one step further up the topside of the pedigree of R R Rito 707 to his legendary sire Rito N Bar. He found that Rito N Bar, who was born in 1961, at the famous N Bar Ranch in Montana, was a product of fifteen years of Angus breeding by the master breeder Jack Milburn. 

The sire of Rito N Bar carried on the Henkes Eliminator sire line and was produced by a cow from the same Bemindful Maid Hyalite foundation female whose descendant would ultimately produce DHD Traveler 6807.

It is interesting to note that while the Jorgensen and Wehrmann programs have carried on the Rito sire name, it really originated near Grass Range, Montana, more than four decades ago with Jack Milburn. The Elliott family’s purchase of Emulation 31 from the Murray Corbin's 1968 calf crop, one year after the birth of R R Rito 707, gave the N Bar a second great sire line that would also come to impact the Angus breed in monumental ways.

As Jeff Ward studied the heritage of the famous N Bar Ranch and its Angus cattle, he developed a friendship with the owner-operator, Tom Elliott, and that relationship led to the opportunity to acquire Tom Elliott’s genetic nucleus when the Elliott family sold their historic N Bar Ranch. With the purchase of Tom Elliott’s N Bar cow herd and an interest in both N Bar Emulation EXT and the IMF leader N Bar Prime Time D806, the genetic circle was complete and Sinclair Cattle Company had what many considered to be the best from three of history’s greatest Angus breeding programs.

To this unprecedented base, Jeff Ward added foundation cattle from his deceased friends, Bill Brooks and Conrad Grove, adding a strong contingent of females from the famous A A R Donna 1853, a full sister to A A R New Trend and a great foundation female who was bred not far from the N Bar.
Sinclair Cattle Company now maintains more than 1600 Angus breeding females in a breeding program that is dedicated to staying true to the legacy of the original N-Bar genetics.