"When I left the N-Bar, I swore I never wanted to see another Angus cow..."

Tom Elliott
Reprinted from the Sinclair Cattle Company Fall 2004 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

When I left the N-Bar, I swore I never wanted to see another Angus cow in my lifetime. I was tired of the politics among seedstock breeders, tired of seeing highly promoted bulls being foisted on the commercial industry, tired of the exploits of imitators rather than innovators.

As you might imagine, I was skeptical when Jeff Ward of Sinclair Cattle Company asked me to look at the cow herd and bulls he had produced from his purchase of the core of my N-Bar genetic program. Boy was I surprised! Viewing those cattle was like going home to the N-Bar. Jeff had taken my total semen and embryo inventory plus my top N-Bar females and multipied them into a herd of over 1200 females. He had rolled in some great genetics from Dale Davis’ Rolling Rock herd and tempered that with some of the Jorgenson rito bloodlines that originated at the N-Bar. Frankly, he had taken the foundation of my program and made it better!

You have to see these Sinclair cattle. They are as good or better than anything, anywhere in the industry today.

Working cows – moderate in size, perfect udder structure, soundness, disposition (I know, I know!), balanced milk and terrific fleshing ability.

Performance tested bulls in large contemporary groups – over 500 bulls on test near Bozeman, MT. These are tightly bred to my original N-bar bloodlines, well developed, deep-bodied bulls. Tremendous calving ease bulls with explosive growth, and among the highest carcass traits in the breed.

And a guarantee that equals or exceeds that of any other seedstock producer.

I’m excited! Sinclair has created genetics that are truly unique and powerful. These cattle will make a perfect outcross on the Angus cattle you’ve been using for the last few years. I urge you to take a look and see for yourself. You’ll be impressed with the vision, commitment, and integrity of this outfit.

Tom Elliott