Beginning in 1996, Sinclair Cattle Company was formed between two partners with the goal of producing a profitable cattle herd in only 20 years. Duncan Smith, majority owner of the operation, says, "We wanted to get to the point where we had a top-notch herd in 20 years, so we put a lot of effort and capital in, and we've been able to put together what we believe is a pretty good herd."


Smith grew up on his uncle's farm, where he spent time feeding cattle with the family, and comments, "I had the 'dirt' gene. That's how Sinclair came about." Smith went from a vision and started the business.


From there, Smith and his partners developed a cattle program that would meet their goals. Today, reliable genetic packages result from Sinclair's planned, multi-generational breeding program, which focuses on the use of proven genetics to produce a fertile cow, get a live calf on the ground and yield quality carcass with optimum growth.


With quality genetics - including those from Dale Davis' herd dispersal sale and Tom Elliott's N-Bar line - Sinclair has been able to accomplish their goals and strive toward a herd with great feed conversion, great palatability and great taste, says Smith.


Strong line of sires

Thought it started in 1996, the roots of the genetics at Sinclair Cattle Company trace back to the mid-1940s and Jack Milburn's herd of registered Angus cattle at the N-Bar Ranch. Milburn's breeding program produced Rito N Bar, a legendary sire, in 1961. The sire of Rito N Bar carried on the Henkes Eliminator sire line and was produced by a cow from the same Bemindful Maid Hyalite foundation female whose descendant would ultimately produce DHD Traveler 6807.


It took a trek through genetics history, where Sinclair's founders traded the lineage of Rito Excel 809 through the Martin Jorgensen family's herd and into the herd of master breeder Dale Davis.


At the same time, Sinclair Cattle Company developed a relationship with Tom Elliott, owner-operator at the N-Bar Ranch, which led to the opportunity to purchase the ranch's genetic nucleus, including many of the progeny of RR Rito 707, when Elliott decided to sell the historic ranch.


Rito N Bar sired RR Rito 707, a well-known bull that has developed the base for the Sinclair Cattle Company herd. RR Rito 707 brings a wide array of traits to the Sinclair cattle herd, including muscle, explosive growth, fertility, carcass quality, do-ability, appetite, gain-ability and efficiency.


In addition to Rito genetics and their cowherd, Sinclair Cattle Company also acquired an interest in both N Bar Emulation EXT and the IMF leader N Bar Primetime D806.


Emulation EXT was developed by Elliott, and the bloodlines run strong within the cattle at Sinclair. Emulation EXT has been line-bred for many years, and his bloodline complements Rito's attributes, with fertility, calving ease, carcass quality, survivability, brilliant udder structure and unprecedented longevity added to the mix of strong traits.


EXT provides the forefront of the Sinclair Cattle Company breeding program. He is one of the most proven bulls in the breed, and many of his traits hit near optimum.


Sinclair Cattle Company continues to breed top-of-the-line bulls by focusing on a line breeding strategy that developed RR Rito 707 and Emulation EXT. They identify animals that exhibit traits closest to the ideal and line those animals up in our pedigree as much as possible to produce the best progeny.


Bulls raised by Sinclair Cattle Company have become well known in their own right. In looking at highly sought-after sires like Sinclair Extra 4X13, Sinclair Fortunate Son, Sinclair Emulation XXT, Sinclair Timeless and Sinclair Entrepreneur. Each is valued in their own right for a variety of traits, including growth, muscling and calving ease.


Female selection

While the bulls at Sinclair Cattle Company show continued strength and influence in the cattle industry, they also looked to continually improve the female herd.


In establishing a strong female herd, a set of cows from the Martin Jorgenson family program were selected, including dams from Ideal 1418, Ideal 7451, Ideal 5439 and Ideal 692. The Jorgenson herd also held a common ancestor to Sinclair's in RR Rito 707.


Other females produced by Davis were added to the herd, including the dams of PAPA Forte, PAPA Universe and PAPA Razzi. The female herd continue to develop with a strong contingent of females from the famous AAR Donna 1852, a full sister to AAR New Trend and a great foundation female that was bred not far from the N Bar.


A forward trajectory


After 20 years, Sinclair Cattle Company continues to thrive, and they produce high-quality bulls that are sold each March.


"We are still in business, and after the departure of my partner of 16 years, Logan Baker has taken over," Smith comments. Baker has continued to advance the genetics of the herd and manage the cattle with his wife Jolene and children at his side.


Smith touts the genetics and calving ease of Sinclair bulls, and says that Sinclair will continue to advance their herd and provide a quality product for cattlemen.


Sinclair Cattle Company now maintains more than 1,600 Angus breeding females in a program that is dedicated to staying true to the legacy of the original N Bar genetics.


"The future of the cattle business is bright and strong," Duncan comments, adding that Sinclair Cattle Company is certain to be a part of that bright future.