LB - Well let’s get to it shall we?  What is the best part of Sinclair Cattle Company?
Logan - First off I will tell you our customers are some of the best people there is.  Just like many ranchers they are humble hard working folks.  You know they work hard to provide food for the public, and a lot of times the public does not appreciate where their food comes from.  Yet Ranchers keep fighting to be profitable to pass the operation onto the next generation.

LB - What is Sinclair Cattle Company doing to help?
Logan - We produce bulls that get the job done.  By that I mean our bulls are made to hold up to breed more cows for more years.  Those same bulls come from a cow herd that is built on proven genetics; the cowherd is managed in a no fluff manner similar to many commercial operations.  We make genetics that help Ranchers be profitable.  We also do what we can to show all the good Ranchers do for their animals, land, and community on Social Media thru our Ranchers on Offense effort.

LB - How can Ranchers get a Sinclair Cattle Company bull?
Logan - It is easy.  We offer bulls for sale in March at an Auction in Buffalo, WY and starting this year in November, in an Internet Auction.  We also offer private treaty bulls and have a large semen inventory of proven bulls if folks want to A.I.

LB - What if someone can’t make it to the sale?
Logan - We do offer a sight unseen guarantee, if you buy a bull sight unseen and it ends up that that bull won’t work for you we offer a replacement, credit or money back.  We offer internet and over the phone bidding as well.  I encourage people to email me at or call me at 307-254-1477 to visit with me about their needs and how we can help.  

LB - What if a customer has a problem with a bull?
Logan - The whole point of having a bull is to breed cows so we do our best to make sure if someone buys a bull from us the customer is taken care of.  We offer a first season breeding guarantee on our bulls.  We develop them in such a way so they can get the job done.  We like to stay in touch with our customers so if they have an idea on how we can do things better we listen and learn.

LB - What could someone expect from a Sinclair bull?
Logan - Calves

LB - Could you be more specific?
Logan - Calving ease-many of our bulls are designed to be used on heifers and get a calf that arrives alive.  Structural integrity – correct feet and legs.  Optimum growth - why pay for excess growth if your environment cannot support it.  Intelligence-mothering ability, hardiness, thriftiness- all things our genetics are known for. Fertility-we weave the blood lines of long lived productive cows thru our entire herd.  Consistency-we have a clear goal that we are breeding towards and we have been doing it for a long time. On top of that we magnify desirable traits thru linebreeding to give our customers more for their money.