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About Us

Sinclair Cattle Company is dedicated to producing Angus cattle that excel in efficiency, carcass quality, and maternal traits, embodying a commitment to sustainability and excellence.

Focus on Efficiency and Grass-Fed Genetics

We are focused on developing genetics that thrive on grass, aiming to produce beef that is not only high in quality but also raised in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

N Bar Ranch Influence

A significant part of our history is the acquisition of genetics from the N Bar Ranch, notably the Emulation bloodline. This included the purchase of N Bar Emulation EXT, a bull that has had a profound impact on the Sinclair herd and the Angus breed as a whole. EXT's genetics have helped solidify our reputation for producing cattle with exceptional carcass traits and maternal abilities.

Legacy and Breeding Philosophy

Sinclair has been steadfast in our commitment to a breeding philosophy that prioritizes natural fleshing ability, fertility, longevity, and carcass merit. This approach has been instrumental in developing cattle that perform well both in the pasture and in the feedlot, offering a balanced set of traits that appeal to both commercial producers and purebred breeders.

Our females are the backbone of this philosophy, selected not only for their ability to produce high-quality offspring but also for their longevity and efficiency under low-input management systems.

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