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N Bar Emulation EXT is born, coming from a lineage that would become renowned for its impact on the Angus breed. His sire, Emulation N Bar 5522, and his dam, N Bar Primrose 2424, contributed to his exceptional genetic makeup. 

EXT begins his breeding career at the N Bar Ranch in Montana. His genetic traits quickly become sought after for their positive impact on carcass quality, maternal characteristics, growth rates, and overall conformation.


1990s: EXT’s progeny start to make a significant impact on the Angus breed, with his sons and daughters showcasing the desirable traits he was known for. His influence spreads as his genetics are used widely across the United States and internationally.

Late 1980s to Early 1990s

N Bar Emulation EXT.png


 The legacy of EXT solidifies as his offspring continue to perform exceptionally well, both in purebred Angus operations and in commercial beef production. His impact on improving carcass quality, efficiency, and maternal traits is widely recognized.

2010s and Beyond:  

Even after his passing, EXT’s genetics continue to play a crucial role in Angus breeding programs around the world. His influence is seen in the continued demand for his lineage, with many modern Angus cattle tracing their genetics back to him.


N Bar Emulation EXT’s contributions to carcass quality, maternal abilities, and breed improvement have left a lasting legacy, influencing breeding decisions and industry standards long after his time.

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